Hua Xia Dance Studio

Hua Xia Dance studio has held dance classes since 2004. Hua xia dance studio has professional dance teachers and offer low rate dance class attending fees.

Hua Xia dance studio put great effort to service the Chinese community. Offer many different dance classes to increase our dancer’s skills, encourage Chinese and Canadians to attend our dance classes, to continue to carry on our Chinese culture in Canada.

Currently we have three dance classes:

  1. Zumba class: teacher - Shan Hua Li (licensed Zumba teacher)
  2. Ballet body shape class: teacher – Sophie Chen (Professional Ballet dancer), Shan Hua Li (Professional Ballet dancer)
  3. Chinese national dance class: teacher- Zhou Chu Ling (Professional Chinese National dancer)
  4. Chinese Gong Fu Class: Teacher - Ya Li Bai (Teach: Tai Chi Fan, Tai Chi Sword and 24 step Tai Chi Quan)

Hua Xia Dance studio also open to public for renting, current renting group: Sumba, Karate, Chinese folk-dance, Line dance, Setting –up exercise, Yoga and so on. If any dance groups are interesting to open dance class, please contact to us: (204)229-3376.

  1. Ballet dance teacher
  2. Chinese national dance teacher
  3. Yoga teacher